Student Testimonials


Elizabeth Kahn

I have been working with Bill for the past year or so doing workshops, classes and trainings with him. His insight and experience in the acting industry has greatly helped me in my own acting career thus far. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work with such a well connected and knowledgable acting instructor. He always makes sure to provide constructive criticism as to what I should work on for next time and advice on how to improve my skills. I have noticed that his help has drastically helped me to become a more confident and crafted actor. What I have learned from him has helped me sign with a local talent agency in the cities and has provided me with what I need to be a successful actor at castings. Thank you Bill for all that you do, I really appreciate you!
Laura Siskoff

Laura Siskoff

I took two classes with Bill in which they were both fun and informational. Because of his class, not only did I get more practice with being on camera, we also watched ourselves after acting in a scene, which to me, was really important. This way I could learn more about who I was as an actor, how I came across on screen and what I can do for the next time to continue to create and build a story. Overall, Bill Cooper's classes were one of my favorites in the Twin Cities. I HIGHLY recommend taking one!
Mike Brody Headshot

Mike Brody

Bill took the time to really invest his energy in me and give me the knowledge, confidence and know-how I needed to learn how to act. He was personable, experienced and professional. I can't recommend him enough!
Nate Bucsko

Nate Bucsko

I took both the television and film scene study classes with Bill while building my resume and working on bringing truth to every scene. Bill also helped me realize my "type" was as the All-American, boy-next-door, which helped me when obtaining headshots and will help me establish my niche in LA before I can show my range in other roles.
Krista Barnes

Krista Barnes

Bill's classes are great! I started my acting career with little to no knowledge or work. After taking classes like Audition Techniques and Television scene study, I was able to increase my confidence in auditions and bookings. Now I receive regular bookings from agents in town, and I know how to navigate through the business. Bill has been a key to my success.
Sedrick Headshot - without glasses

Sedrick Halbert

Working with Bill was an answer to my prayers. His technique as a coach allowed for me to view my own work and choices and make new and better ones. His classes offer a relaxed environment for students to learn, reflect, and to grow. Through working with Bill, I have landed several agents, booked paid gigs, and have a become a better actor and businessman in the industry. Not only is he a top-notched coach, but I consider him a friend that listens, offers good advice, and through his teachings, I've gotten closer to reaching my dreams.
Susan Chambers Headshot

Susan Chambers

I pursued my dream in acting on my late twenties but life put my dreams on hold. I decided to get back into the game in my early forties and attended the Actors Expo. I stopped by Bull Coopers booth and so glad I did. I think I took almost all of Bill Coopers Classes! Then retook my favorites AGAIN! From the beginning, Bill was so patient and encouraging. Not only did I learn different aspects of acting that I needed but I met so many actors who are my dear friends still! Bill doesn't just teach. He mentors and introduces his students to directors, producers, and more! I am now in Los Angeles for the last five years. It took hard work and determination but I just finished a feature with Danny Trejo & Jesse Metcalfe and have a tiny role in a big comedy "How to be a Latin Liver" starring Rob Lowe, Kirsten Bell, Salma Hayek and more. I have done so many fun projects in Los Angeles. It all stemmed back to meeting Bill at the expo. I highly recommend his classes!!
Noah Gillet

Noah Gillette

Bill Cooper was highly recommended to me as both an excellent acting coach and a great person to know in the industry. Thanks to Bill, I booked my very first paying feature film here in Minnesota. He's also been a great resource in terms of professional advice. Directly or indirectly, I've met most of my most valuable contacts through Bill Cooper.