Student Testimonials

Ali Daniels Headshot 2

Ali Daniels

He's the best

Kevin Reveerts

Bill Cooper helped jumpstart my passion in acting after a hiatus recovering from knee surgery. He was easy to work with and I learned so much from him!
Lauren Kinkead

Lauren Kinkead

Bill has a keen, intuitive gift for lifting words from a page into the souls of the actors.

David Schaefer

Whether you are looking to shake off the rust of your pre existing skills, or break through new emotional plateaus, Bill Cooper is your man! Bill's classroom culture is warm, fun, and inviting, yet still challenging. Since taking Bill on as my coach he has not only helped me find my inner artist again, but also book several paying jobs and find local representation. Regardless of where you are in your acting journey, Bill Cooper will meet you there and help you get where you want to go!

Nancy Lipinski

For me, Bill was instrumental in providing basic as well as advanced training in the area of film. His hands on approach, and ability to bring out the best in his actors, while allowing them to be comfortable in front of the camera is phenomenal! Through Bill's workshops, I have developed a skill level that has given me the ability to drop into a cold read with cofidence. This has resulted in paid commercial work as well as being cast is short films in the metro area. I have also been able to transfer his insight regarding techniques for building an emotional inventory, to my theatrical work on stage. I respect him immensely and highly recommend his workshops.
Matt Mintz

Matt Mintz

Bill's insight, experience and coaching skills have been a big help to this "new" actor (in my 50s) finding a fit in local industry. I've learned fundamental skills that help in auditions and better character portrayal. Bill is fully committed to helping his students and is an overall great person to learn from. He has helped me find my strengths and know how to use them when doors opened for auditions, leading to my first paid commercial role.
Andrea Hopkins

Andrea Hopkins

When I was new to the Minneapolis acting scene I wanted to make sure to get the right acting coach and experience. I had many friends recommend, Bill Cooper. "He's the best and he knows everyone," they would say! So I had to find out for myself. Bill Cooper is where your acting must start , progress, and continue! He has helped me get more castings, more professional networking jobs than anyone in the Minneapolis area! If you want to learn how to be a professional , to really succeed at the business, then you need to take classes with, Bill Cooper!

Michelle Swensrud

Bill Cooper is a great coach. I have been in many of his classes. The way he interacts with each person, whatever their skill level, builds trust, respect and provides a safe atmosphere to learn. The classes fun, engaging and non critical. Personally, Bill has helped me know, how to audition with confidence and be myself on camera.

John Bruce

Bill has a unique style of teaching that brings out the best in everyone. The class size is small and feels almost like a family. In this comfortable environment, you feel safe pushing the limits of your ability. Bill knows acting and how to transfer the knowledge of this mysterious craft to anyone. If you are serious about bringing your acting to the next level, you need to work with Bill!
Jamie Houk

Jamie Hauk

I have taken Bill Cooper’s individual coaching and Advanced Acting Techniques class. The individual coaching helped me get a base understanding for knowing how to approach a script that is given for an audition. As a result, I booked several roles I auditioned for. I loved taking the class as it really challenged me to bring my “A Game” every time. Within this class, he was able to build on my strengths and challenge me on my weaknesses. Bill is down to earth and very knowledgeable. He successfully balances supportive and challenging feedback to help you grow as an actor.
Dan Quaile Headshot 2014

Dan Quaile

If you want to learn the craft of acting, look no further. Bill Cooper's approach is straight to the point. His classes are hands-on, so you will learn by doing. If he does, however, give a lecture, he's very engaging... so there's never a dull moment. Over the last decade, I've attended most of the acting courses available in the cities, and I honestly feel like his were the best bang for my buck. Thanks Bill!
Tony Tolefree Headshot

Anthony Tolefree

Taking classes from Bill I have learned so much about my own acting style and my technique. I learn best by seeing myself on camera and getting constructive feedback, which is exactly Bill's coaching style. This has helped my acting career tremendously! Since taking classes with Bill I am more confident and prepared for auditions. Since taking Bill's classes I have experienced an increase in casting, an increase in paying work, and also better roles!